Waterless Wax

With Easy Shine® Waterless Wax it is possible to wax and add gloss with protection to entire vehicle in minutes. A water based product containing two types of waxes that include the world’s hardest natural wax – Carnauba. Create a wet-look shine with easy spray-on and wipe application.

  • Concentrate, dilution 1:10
  • 5 liters – €128 / 20 liters – €360
  • Shipping to all European countries
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How it works?

Waterless Wax has more wax in waterless formula. It is designed to instantly dissolve dirt particles on contact. It allows microfiber cloth to absorb and lift all the liquefied dirt away from the surface without scratching the paintwork. The special unique ingredients leave behind an outstanding anti-static gloss finish.

How to use it?

Shake well before use. Just spray and wipe with microfiber towel. Repeated use will ensure paintwork to stay clean and protected for longer.

Use it on

Paintwork, mirrors, glass, chrome, rubber, plastics.