Leather Conditioner

Easy Shine® Leather Conditioner will give new life into old or neglected leather that has gotten hard, stiff or brittle. It extends the life of leather, protecting it from cracking and drying. Like your skin leather requires best products to look new and strong. We are offering Leather Conditioner which will help to maintain and condition leather that it would be strong and resilient.

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  • 5 liters – €66 / 20 liters – €205
  • Shipping to all European countries
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How it works?

Using only the finest blends of materials available, we have designed a natural feeding and protecting formula which will prolong the life of aniline and semi aniline leather.

How to use it?

Clean the leather before using conditioner. Apply small amount of the product on the clean microfiber towel. Rub into leather with gentle massaging moves. Clean the excess and repeat if necessary. Let leather to soak conditioner and get matt finish.

Use it on

All types of leather, trim, wood and plastic.